Thermosetting Powder Coatings Quality & Innovative Powders 
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supplies Thermosetting Powder Coatings from Jotun Powder Coating (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. for decorative, architechtural and funtional purposes.
Powder Coatings is a leading international powder coatings manufacturer dedicated to develop, produce, and promote thermosetting powder coatings used for protecting and cost effectively enhancing commodity items' appearance, in a profitable way.
Jotun Powder Coatings provides intergrated solutions through custom-made products, solid technical support, and skilled customer service.
Jotun Powder Coatings' product prortfolio caters to the Achitectural, Functional and Industrial market segments - with products engineered for everything from domestic appliances to pipelines and rebar coatings to aluminium extrusions.
Below are the lists of Jotun's various product range. For more information and individual technical data sheets, please visit and look at the powder coating section.
Corro-Coat PE-SDF Super Durable Series 2003 and 2008
Corro-Coat PE-F Series 1301, 1303, 1307 and 1308
Corro-Coat PE-F Series 1387
Corro-Coat PE-F Series 1403, 1406, 1407 and 1408
Corro-Coat PE-F Series 2103, 2197 and 2198 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Coat PE-F Series 2191 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Coat PE-F Series 2195 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Coat PE-F Series 2403 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Coat PE Series 7
Corro-Coat PE Series 78
Corro-Coat PE Series 50 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Coat PE Series 51 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Zinc 97
Corro-Coat EP-F 1003LD
Corro-Coat EP-F 1003HW
Corro-Coat EP-F 1010
Corro-Coat EP-F 1010HW
Corro-Coat EP-F 1011
Corro-Coat EP-F 1012HW - Provisional
Corro-Coat EP-F 1020
Corro-Coat EP-F 2002HW
Corro-Coat EP-F 2011 - Provisional
Corro-Coat EP-F 2004
Corro-Coat EP-F 2005HW
Corro-Coat EP-F 3001
Corro-Coat EP-F 3002
Corro-Coat EP-F 3003
Corro-Coat EP-F 4002
Corro-Coat EP-F 4003
Corro-Coat EP-F 5001
Corro-Coat EP-F 5002
Corro-Coat EP-F 7011 - Provisional
Jotun 46F640
Jotun 120T640
Industrial and Specialties
Puro-Coat MX Series 86
Corro-Coat EP Series 9
Corro-Coat PE Series 7
Puro-Coat PE Series 56 (TGIC-free)
Puro-Coat PE Series 76
Corro-Coat PE Series 78
Corro-Coat PE Series 50 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Coat PE Series 51 (TGIC-free)
Corro-Coat I-PE Series 35
Corro-Coat PU Series 60
Corro-Coat PU Series 61
Corro-Coat PU Series 6312
Corro-Coat PU Blanco